Month 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week
JUN Parents counseling
(All New Admission & Std.
1st to 3rd)
PTM 1- Dt. 5.6.18 fri.
School Reopening Day Dt. 11th June, Monday.
PTM 2 : Std 1 to 3rd on the 16.6.18 Sat for the distribution of SA-1
Syllabus and UT-1 Portions
World Yoga Day celebration with Yoga Practice, and a AV on “Yoga for positive healthy living .”
on 21.6.18 Thur.
Creative Art Competition for std. 1st to 3rd. Theme- ‘Thumb and finger prints’. For std 4th & 5th ‘My School’ on 29 .6.18 fri. For Std.6th to 8th ‘Family Bonds’ on Dt 30.6.18 Sat
JUL Fancy dress competition for Std 1st to 3rd on 13.7.18 fri. and Mono acting contest on Famous Indians (with dress and speech) std 4th to 8th on 13.7.18 Fri. Revisions & Class Tests
All Subjects
Std.1st to 8th
As per the time
table given.
UT 1 Exams starts Dt 23.7.18 Mon ___________ UT-1 Examination
continue till 31.7.18 tue.
AUG Std 1st to 5th Go Green , Plant trees, Save trees, save the Earth. Full Week. For STD 6th to 8th Essay Writing contest in english on 11.8.18 Sat Independence day celebration on 15.8.18 Wed
Origamy with craft paper, std 1st to 5th on 18.8.18 sat.
Just A Minute – JAM In English , Gujarati and Hindi
(Topic will be given classwise on the spot)
Std 6th to 8th on 24.8.18; fri. 25.8.18 Sat Result of
UT-1 Exam
House wise contests for :- “India’s role as a growing world economy” , Debate std 9th to 11th (Com) and Group discussion- “The Need for Moral Values & Discipline in our life” for
std 6th to 8th on 31.8.18 Fri. Std 1st to 5th ” Story telling Competition” on 31.8.18 Fri.
SEP Handwriting contest for std 1st to 5th and Janmashtami
Celebration for std 1st to 2nd on 1.9.18 sat
Sep 5th -Teacher’s Day Celebration and Teaching contest for Std 9 to 11th Com.
Dt : 5.9.18 wed
PTM-3 Dt 8.9.18 Sat
Revisions & Class Tests
All Subjects
Std.1st to 8th
As per the time
table given.
SA-1 UT-2 Examinations start on .20 .9.18 Thur onwards UT 2 Exams continued upto 29.9.18; Sat.
OCT Comedy live presentation or Any Social message Advertisement live demo for std 9th and 11th on 5.10.18. Fri. Public speaking Speech contest on Gandhiji’s life and values, for Std 6th to 8th on 6.10.18 Sat. Dt 12.10.18; Fri. Best out of waste craft contest. Navaratri celebration, Toran making/ Dandiya making For std. 1st to 5th SA-1 UT-2 Exam Result P.T.M – 4
Std 1st to 3rd Dt. 26.10.18 Fri. Std 4th to 12th Dt. 27.10.18 Sat.
Picnic Or Tour
NOV Rangoli Contest: crayon colour the rangoli sheet,
Std 1st to 3rd. Rangoli with flowers contest, Std 4th to 5th and Rangoli with power colours, Std 6th to 9th on 3.11.18 Sat.
Diwali Vaacation from 5.11.18 Mon. to 25.11.18
Diwali Vacation Diwali Vacation 26.11.18 School reopens. 2nd trem begins. English Grammar Mixed bag Quiz contest for Std 1st to 6 th on 30.11.19 Fri. House GK Quiz contest for Std 7 to 9th on 30.11.19
DEC For Std 4th to 8th Spelling Bee Contest 7.12.18, Fri. Colours Shapes Size Quiz for std 1st to 3rd 8.12.18, Sat. Maths in Daily life Std 3rd to 9th Innovative Eduactional craft projects for std. 1st and 2nd Revision and class tests all subjects Std 1st to 8th AS per time table given. Christmas Celebration
Std.1st to 3rd.
Spelling Competition
Std.1st to 3rd Dt 28.12.18 Fri. New Year card making & making Chrismas masks for std 4th to 8th on 29.12.18 Sat.
JAN UT-3 from Dt 3.1.19 Thur. to 11.1.19 Fri. Dt 12.1.19 Sat. Uttarayan Celebration for
Std.1st & 2nd . Save the birds Poster making contest for std 3rd to 8th .
Patriotic Song singing
for Std.1st to 6th on 18.1.19 fri and News Reading contest for std 7 to 8 th on 19.1.19 Sat.
Annual Sports Day on 26.1.18, Sat.
FEB Cleanliness & Health Awarness Week for all. Essay writing contest “Health is wealth” – Std 6th to 8th on 2.2.19 Sat UT-3 Result PTM 6 Class group photograph
for std 1st to 3rd.
Picnic / Tour
Annual Function
Contest for –
Vegetable/ finger / spray printing; for
Std. 1st to 5th on 22.2.19 fri.
Paintings & posters Making with Social message for Std. 6th to 8th & “Swatchchh Bharat Abhiyan Project “or “Project on Disaster Management” for
Std. 9th & 11th com on 23.2.19 Sat .
MAR PTM 7 – For primary classes on Dt 2.3.19 Sat Creative writing- poems or stories , contest for std 1st to 7th. Article editing for std 8th and 9th on Dt 8.3.19 fri. Revisions & Class Tests
All Subjects
Std.1st to 8th
As per the time
table given.
UT-4 Examination
Std. 1st to 8th, 9th & 11th. In last week of March
to April first week
Examination Continue…
APR UT-4 Examination Continued upto _______ Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Summer Vacation UT-4
SA-2 Exam Result
PTM- 8 _____________