Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,
“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” These are the words of Albert Einstein, which we truly endorse, at SomLalit School. This school not only upholds Ethics, Traditional Values, Culture, but also inculcates Effective Communication skills, and encourages Reflective and Creative thinking in each and every student!

As I recapitulate this academic year, the first term has goneby smoothly, and I realize how blessed we all are to be part of Som Lalit School. Our Administrators, Teachers and Facilitators commit themselves with renewed energy every day, working hard, toward creating a nurturing loving learning environment in which our students can strive to achieve their best potential!

This paradigm shift from linear learning to hyper media and activity based learning, wherein technology and pedagogy meet is dynamic. It’s a shift from static instruction to construction and connection with the basic concepts learnt,from teacher centric to student centric education, which is notaimed at learning at the school level, but aimed at Learning for life! We realize that Parents, School and teachers are a tripod stand that help and support each other towards their common goal- a better future for every student. Thus at SomLalit School every teacher is a Friend and Facilitator, in this trend of encouraging Proactive learning amidst all students. Here Excellence is not a dream but a reality! This is apparent from the laurels won by our school students in the Board Exams, academics, sports, and cultural activities in various spheres of life .Qudos to all the Parents,Studentsand Teachers!